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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Getting Things Done

Fernando posted recently about concepts from a book called Getting Things Done that have helped him organize his life. Reading through his post, I realize I'm suffering from a couple of key points: First, the capacity to deal with and prioritize many incomplete projects, and secondly, procrastination.

My company always has many projects happening. I'm feeling overwhelmed almost to that point of not knowing what to do next. Couple the massive amounts of project work we have to do with maintaining daily operations and then reacting to problems as they arise, and I don't feel like I'm moving projects along as efficiently as they should be.

It's an eye-opener to me that procrastination can be attributed to not clearly seeing the the very next thing that must be done to keep a project moving. That fits in nicely with one of my current goals as a manager: provide clarity. One of my boss's key tenets of management is that it is management's responsibility to provide clarity so people can do their jobs. This concept pulls that all together for me. I need to learn how to break down tasks into smaller detailed tasks - quickly.

I've ordered the book.

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