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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One of those OOOPS moments!

A guy I know on the Heartcall Cafe Forums shared a story about locking his keys in his truck, and it reminded me of an experience I had in the vein, so I thought I'd share it here.

When I was about 17, I wanted to do something nice for my dad for father's day. I asked my mom if I could take his car up to the car wash to wash, vacuum and wax it. She said sure and gave me her set of keys. Now you have to understand, all the time growing up, we NEVER got to drive dad's car. Not that he ever had anything that you'd consider a special or nice car, it was just his thing - his car was HIS car.

Anyway, I get to the car wash near our home, and it was slammed, very busy. So, I decide to drive to the car wash by our church, that was a couple of miles away. I pull up to the vacuums and go to work, vacuuming and dusting the interior of the car, and then moving to the trunk. Just as I finished the trunk, the keys fell out of my shirt pocket onto the floor of trunk. I saw them glistening in the sun just as the trunk lid slammed shut.


So, I go a payphone at the Safeway across the street and call home. My mom was annoyed, and said she'd send my dad down in the other car. Well, remember when I said my mom gave me her keyring? Her keyring had her copies of the keys to both their cars on it. My dad always had 2 keyrings, one with the keys to his car, and the other had his copy of the key to mom's car, and all his other keys for house, work and so forth on it. Wanna guess where that second keyring was? Oh, I'll tell ya. It was in his jacket pocket. His jacket was in the trunk of his car. I put it there when I was vacuuming the interior of the car because it was laying on the back seat, in my way.

At this point, I'm at the carwash that's about 5 miles from home, with both of the keys to my mom's car locked in the trunk of my dad's car. On Father's day. Dad did have the keys to his car with him, so he hopped on my bicycle and rode it to where I was. He was mad. MAD, I tell you. He was huffin and puffin from his ride. Got in his car, started it up, and said "you're riding that bike home," as he sped off screeching the tires on the wet pavement at the car wash.

I have never, ever locked keys in a car since that day.

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Unknown said...

HAhahaha! Great story. Gotta love the life lessons that are learned the hard way!