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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Today, the Christian and Worship blogosphere is abuzz with discussion about the song "Healer" that is on Hillsongs' latest CD, "This is Our God." There was a website about the song at (now gone) that contained a couple of YouTube videos (also now gone). One video was a powerful performance of the song, and the other was a video with the song's author descibing his battle with cancer and his trial of faith which was the basis for the song.

The news today, however, is that the cancer story is untrue. Mr Guglielmucci has never had cancer, and apparently deceived even his wife and children with this story.

Here's a few links if you want to read up on this:,22606,24212817-5006301,00.html

I had suggested to our team that we do this song as our Song of the Month for September because I was so moved by the song and the testimony behind it. After this morning's news, however, I sent a message to the two guys I work closest with on our team that I felt the song was now tainted, and questioned whether we should do it.

This afternoon, I got emails back from both. Our Worship Leader said the song contains a powerful message, and thought we should still do it. Our bass player, who also is our Discipleship Pastor and former Worship Leader, said this:
Do I think we should use the song? Not if the story behind it is why we
would do it in the first place. Yes. If the song stands on it's own
merits; lyrically, musically, theologically.
Of course the song meets those criteria, and of course we should still do it.

I think the song stands on its own.

I think Mr Guglielmucci and his family need our prayers.

I then think about the songs we do from a murderous adulterer named David.

I realize that my heart can be vile, and at my core I'm capable of
something like that. And then I'm ashamed because I'm a fallen man, too
- this man's sin is just more public than my own.

We should do the song - and now it means more to me than before.


Michael J Mahoney said...

Amen, my brother.

Anonymous said...

yup - i agree...

hey steve - hit my blog ( and read Chai's story and please join us in boycotting FourPaws

this is sad