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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Salem Road Trip - Day 1

We had an adventurous day for the first day on this trip. We spent the morning finishing laundry, loading the car, running a couple of last minute errands, and getting our house sitter familiar with everything. We got on the road just fine, and were making pretty decent time. We got to within ten miles of Cheyenne, Wyoming when this
I hit that :( on TwitPic appeared on the road. That's a forged steel driveshaft yoke from a semi truck. My wife estimates it's about 6 inches in diameter and weighs about 30 pounds. She took that picture after making sure it was clear of the roadway and not a danger to other motorists

Unfortunately, I was unable to avoid hitting it and this
Oh. No...... on TwitPic is what the left rear tire and wheel on our van looks like now. What you can't see is the dent on the quarter panel. We got the "convenience" spare on the van and made it into Cheyenne without further incident.

By the time we got here, though, it was about 5:45 PM. Everything except WalMart, the bars, and stop lights stop working at 5:30 here - especially the parts counters at the local car dealerships. So, $86 later we're holed up in a Super8 motel with horrid wifi and will be dealing with getting the tire, wheel and hubcap replaced in the morning.

I'm thankful, though, as things could've been much worse. We'd planned to drive until 10:30-11:00pm today and an incident like that could've happened in the middle of the Wyoming high desert, dozens of miles from a place to get it dealt with.

There but for the grace of God go I.

Total distance travelled, about 100 miles. Gonna be a long day tomorrow!


Rich said...

Wow! Like you said that could have been a LOT worse. Glad to see on plurk that you got everything taken care of and are back on the road. We will be praying for you and Tonia's family.

Unknown said...

Hey! I got T's txt msg last night and she told me to go read your blog today. I'm very glad I did...and sorry I didn't sooner! I'm very very sorry to her about her grandfather. And your dangerous encounter on the highway. And you're could've been much worse timing.
Take good care and be safe. We'll be thinking of you and praying for a safe rest of the trip.

Steve said...

Thanks guys - we're doing great today. Van's going along just fine and we're making great time. Tonia's driving for a bit, and i'm about to attempt a nap. ETA to Salem is ~1:30am Pacific Time