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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Help a friend in need

My friend Ken Verheecke is a full-time musician who travels to churches all over America playing concerts and selling his CDs. He's got a huge heart for people and is a fantastic musician.

This past weekend he was driving to a gig in Cody, WY when the engine blew on his car. He drives a Toyota Corolla, nothing fancy. The repair costs are astronomical ($8600 for a new engine from Toyota, and so far the cheapest used engine they've been able to find will run $5900).

As you can imagine, that kind of money is hard to come by, especially given the economic circumstances of our time and the high cost of fuel.

That said, I'm inviting you all to check out Ken's site at and prayerfully consider giving to his ministry. Prayers for this situation are, of course, also needed.

BTW, he doesn't know I'm posting this around the internet. I believe in his calling and believe God will take care of this need once people are aware.

Thanks, friends.

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