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Monday, October 20, 2008

Worship Setlist and Recap, October 19, 2008

To continue my participation in Fred McKinnon's Setlist Carnival, where you post your song service setlist for the week and link back to his site with the goal is to see what others are doing in order to help with our own planning and whatnot, here's our setlists for Christian Church of Broomfield for this past week:

8:00 (Traditional) Service
When We All Get to Heaven (Hewitt/Wells/Wilson)
Holy is the Lord (Chris Tomlin/Louie Giglio)
How Great Thou Art (Hine)
Great is the Lord (Michael W. Smith, Deborah D. Smith)
I Want to be Where You Are (Don Moen)
Jesus Paid It All (Hall/Grape -communion)
Change My Heart oh God (Eddie Espinosa -invitation)
Because He Lives (Gaithers -closing)

10:45 (Contemporary) Service
Holy is the Lord (Chris Tomlin/Louie Giglio)
Let God Arise (Chris Tomlin/Jesse Reeves/Ed Cash)
How Can I Keep From Singing (Chris Tomlin/Ed Cash/Matt Redman)
Great is the Lord (Michael W. Smith, Deborah D. Smith)
Healer (Michael Guglielmucci)
Jesus Paid It All (Hall/Grape -communion)
Change My Heart oh God (Eddie Espinosa -invitation)
I'll Fly Away (Brumley -closing)

I ran sound for first service. It was my first time in that chair in at least a year, so I was happy to have some coaching from Stephan (thanks!!). We've made many changes to our system since I last did that job, including a new Allen&Heath 32 channel console, Aviom monitoring system, and Sennheiser wireless mics for speakers. We record the message only straight to a CD. I'd like to record directly from the console via Firepod or somesuch...someday. The service went well. Mike, the leader, muffed a change in 'Holy is the Lord' but no one cared.

For second service, I played electric guitar. I brought the Les Paul today since our set was so Tomlin-heavy. The first two songs went well. I felt our timing was pretty good, the vocalists were right on, and the band was together. I was pretty happy with my guitar tones, too.

After announcements, we were to do 'How Can I Keep From Singing' - which I was supposed to start with drums and bass falling in with me. Well, the bass player is also the guy who did the announcements, so I was waiting a few seconds for him to get back and ready. Our Worship Leader apparently thought I forgot to start the song, so he went right in on acoustic guitar - which pretty much blew the intro. I picked up the electric guitar part right away, so thought we recovered from that OK, but then he started in on the vocals after only one trip through the intro's chord progression - where we normally do 2. The electric guitar part changes dramatically going from the intro in the verse, so since I was still in intro mode and Todd was already into the verse, was kinda bad. We finished strong, though - the rest of the song rocked!

'Great is the Lord' went well, though I think we were a touch fast on that one. 'Healer' is one of my favorites in spite of the story behind it (or maybe because of it). Again with this song, the start was in jeopardy. We SHOULD start this song together, but I expected Todd to take off on his own so watched him close and was able to time my start perfectly with his.

We gotta work on starting songs.


Michael J Mahoney said...

That contemporary service sounds nice. Great song selectiom. You have a couple we haven't done in a while that I'd like to.

Gary Durbin said...

We did Healer as well. Great song.

Rich said...

Our intros are always interesting as well. We struggle with not having every intro sound the same. Acoustic for first part of verse, then band joins in when it sounds good, LOL. We have made some nice changes, and everything seems to be working out well.