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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Setlist and Recap, January 11, 2009

This post is part of Fred McKinnon's Setlist Carnival, where you post your song service setlist for the week and link back to his site with the goal is to see what others are doing in order to help with our own planning and whatnot, here's our setlists for Christian Church of Broomfield for this past week:

10:45 (Contemporary) Service
Hosanna (Baloche/Brown)
How Can I Keep From Singing (Tomlin)
Victory Chant (Fitts)
Bless the Name of Jesus (Carman)
Praise Adonai (Baloche)
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (Tomlin -communion)
More Precious than Silver (Deshazo -invitation)
All Hail King Jesus (Moody -closing)

I didn't play this week as a long-lost guitarist decided to show up. I also forgot to bring home my bulletin, so I don't have the first service songs to list this week. If I think of it, I'll try to find one tomorrow night when I'm at the church for the Bethel class.

The band had energy that was lacking this week, due mostly to using a drummer-in-a-box, and Jeff's solid bass playing. There some mix issues, the synth was too loud on a couple of songs, the electric guitar seemed to be missing from a couple of songs, and the piano was too low on one. The bass and vocals sounded great, and Todd's guitar sounded pretty good, too. The overall mix was too quiet

'Hosanna' and 'How Can I Keep From Singing' came off good, due in large part to good drum groove. The electric guitar tone was too distorted and buzzy, and was lacking musically. 'Victory Chant' was fun, but Todd muffed the lyrics a couple of times throwing off the congregation - plus I don't think most realized it was a call-and-response tune. I think Todd was going for a male/female thing, but I don't think most others got that.

'Bless the Name of Jesus' is a great song, and we typically do it with a lack of...something... funk. Today's rendition was probably the best we've done - hope we can improve that one. Praise Adonai came off ok. This song needs some polish, but i think we're doing it pretty well so far. 'Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone),' one of my favorites, was pretty good, too. This the one where the piano was too low in the mix, and the synth was overpowering it. The singers did the vocals more traditionally, but miss some of the nuance and style that makes this song great.

All-in-all, an improvement and a good experience.

I thought a lot about the drummer versus the drum box this morning, and had a good lunch with Todd after service where we talked about options. We're considering purchasing Abelton Live and using Interactive Worship Live to help take up the load there (among other things). Pretty excited about that.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,
Victory Chant - now there's a song I"ve not heard in a LONG TIME.

I highly recommend Interactive Worship Live with Ableton - just make sure you have a fast computer and a fast hard drive!

Steve said...

Thanks Fred - I may email you to pick your brain about it. As to the computer, yeah - I have the 14-day demo running on my 1st gen MacBook Pro, and it works the machine hard. What would you recommend as a minimum? I'm a mac and our worship leader is a PC... :)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention it .. you've probably already seen it plenty of times, but hope you can jump in on our group devotion of "Pure Praise" - starts tomorrow, but you can join in the discussion at any time ... for the details, go to:

Perky Gramma Teaches said...

I really like the mix.
i have a good friend that rocks at Victory Chant. She actually did it a couple of weeks ago at her church.

Michael J Mahoney said...

"Victory Chant." I used to love playing drums on that.

We did "Praise Adonai" today as well. Love that tune!

Unknown said...

Stever! Guess what? I helped with sound today for the first time. I learned how to set everything up - and practiced using my careful listening skillz. I'll be helping with the sound board on Sundays now. :) I loved it!

Louise Knight said...

I used to love Victory Chant when I was younger. Never tried it recently. Should take another look at it. Sorry it didn't work out awesome for you...

Praise Adonai is a favourite for one of our other worship leaders, so I rarely use it but the congregation love it.

Unknown said...

Great setlist Steve.

Unknown said...

That is a lot of songs. There seems to be a great variety in the number of songs different churches do each week. Thanks for sharing.