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Friday, August 7, 2009


If you're into guitar or bass and making music, you've probably already heard of Tonefactor - purveyor of high-quality music products. If not, you owe it to yourself to take a look at their site, check out the fun crowd at their forums, and subscribe to their excellent YouTube channel.

Tonefactor carries all sorts of products geared toward guitar and bass players, but they specialize in effect pedals. They carry all names you've heard of, like Boss and Line 6, plus many you may not have, like Wounded Paw and Effectrode. They even have their own line of products sold under the Mojo Hand brand. The video below features two of my favorite pedals of theirs: the Gyro, which is a vibe pedal, and the Huckleberry v2, which is a fuzz pedal.

About the videos: When shopping and researching gear, especially online, it's very often difficult to know what you're getting and how it's going to sound. Not too long ago, the only gauge you had was text-based reviews and descriptions of tone. One man's creamy smooth overdrive might be another's ear piercing distortion. With the advent and ease of multimedia content on the internet these days, you can get a better feel for how a particular device will sound. Most demos, though, are typically of the unit itself run through several settings. While that's valuable, Tonefactor has taken the product demo to another level by producing videos like the one above that can better help you understand how a particular effect will sound in the context of a song.

I'm not one to pump a vendor or a product very often, and when I do, it's for good reason. With Tonefactor, not only are you getting the best products at great prices, you get to deal with the very best service, support, and knowledge in the industry. Brad and his crew are gigging musicians and really know what it takes to provide products and service that meet the needs of demanding and fickle musicians.


Toni Ertl said...

For some reasons (I'm not sure why) the video screen is partially masked by the right hand side bar. Might be a firefox thing?

As for the videos, the tones were good but the vid itself was intensely annoying with overuse of visual effects. I'd personally much rather watch the guys just playing than keep flicking from guitar to bass to headstock etc. The best effects demos *to me* are those from proguitarshop.

Glad Brad's business is doing well though.

Steve said...

Thanks, Toni. Made a theme change and size of the vid no longer worked well. I just resized it, should be better now.