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Monday, February 8, 2010

My Morning

7:10am, leaving the house to drive my son to school.
me: "Did you eat breakfast?"
son: "Have breakfast right here," while holding up a bag of doughnut holes.
me: "Oy. Did you pack a lunch?"
son: "Yup," while patting a pouch on his backpack.
me: "Good."

11:15am, I'm on a phone call with a colleague. Our home phone rings, caller ID says it's the High School. I ignore it, thinking if it's an emergency, they'll call my cell next. Couple of minutes later, a text comes:
son: "Will you come have lunch with me today?" My lunch plans had been canceled earlier, so I replied, "Sure, we don't have the money to go out, but I could bring a lunch." He responds, "OK."

So, I make a couple of sandwiches, grab some chips, a couple of bananas and a couple drinks. I email work letting them know I'll be away for awhile, then start driving to the school. About half way there, the two events coalesce in my mind. "Wait just a minute! He told me he packed a lunch this morning!", I think to myself, "This will be an interesting conversation."

11:40 I arrive at the school. He sees me pull up, and climbs into my truck. I pull into parking space and turn to face him. "So, did you lie to me about packing a lunch this morning?", I ask.

"Uhhhh, yes."

"How come?"

"Well, because if I had said I didn't have a lunch packed, you'd have made me go back into the house to make one, and then I'd be late for school."

I actually heard a rim-shot in my head.


xioc1138 said...

ha! And with that you pushed him out of the truck and drove off keeping the sandwiches for yourself?

Vision Rider! said...

Not being a father myself...I couldn't have done that...but the thought is funny!

Toni Ertl said...

Oh the fun that is dealing with an almost adult child.

I could tell stories, and if we were face to face we could compare notes. Online is just a touch too public.

Steve said...

Toni, I'm certain that will happen. If not in this life, the next.