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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Worship setlist, July 27, 2008

UPDATED 5-Aug-08 to add 8:00 service

Fred McKinnon is starting an experiment called 'Setlist Carnival' where you post your song service setlist for the week and link back to his site. The goal is to see what others are doing in order to help with our own planning and whatnot.

Christian Church of Broomfield, Sunday July 27, 2008
8:00 (Traditional) Service
Take My Life and Let It Be (152)
Give of Your Best to the Master (170)
Every Moment of Every Day (255)
More Love to Thee (299 -communion)
Softly and Tenderly (461 -invitation)
In the Service of the King (230 -closing)

10:45 (Contemporary) Service
How can I Keep from Singing (Chris Tomlin)
Love the Lord (Lincoln Brewster)
My Soul is in Your Hands (Natalie Grant)
You Never Let Go (Matt Redman)
Rescue (New Song)
Take My Life and Let it Be (Chris Tomlin Arr - Communion)
I Have Decided (Trad Hymn - Invitation)
In the Service of the King (Trad Hymm - closing)


Anonymous said...

Hey - thanks SO MUCH for jumping in on the Sunday Setlist idea. Hopefully, we'll do this every week ... at least, that's the idea. I hope you get lots of click-thrus to your blog, too.

About your setlist .... that's a ton of songs, it's awesome that you have that much time for corporate worship. About how much time do you devote to the singing/musical portion of your corporate worship service?


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Fred here just a little. One of the concerns I've brought up at our church is that we usually have a really long set (today was the exception) and sometimes we don't have enough rehearsal time to put it together effectively.

Not a criticism, though...this is a great set! Did you do I Have Decided "Third Day" style? I'd like to try that with my worship team some time.

Anonymous said...

Steve, we have reduced the number of songs in our primary corporate worship set to be 3 songs, maybe 4. That way, we can allow for some really nice transitions, and some free worship at the ends of songs where we pick up on a phrase and go with it. Sometimes it's the drummer that takes it, sometimes the lead singer.

We still have a long list of songs for the day, but we scatter them throughout the service. How about you?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add...
Never Let Go - Matt Redmann
We just started rehearsing that one. Very expressive to God. I am glad to see it in your set.

Steve said...

Thanks for all the comments, folks.

Fred - I love this idea, thanks for kicking it off. We do a lot of songs, but they're generally pretty short, 2-3 mins each with little to nothing between songs. I've not really paid much attention to how much time we spend each Sunday and don't know if we have a goal of a certain length, but I'd like to find out. I'd love to make some changes in what we do, but I'm not the leader, just a lowly guitarist - but I do have some influence with our leader.

Rick - rehearsal and quality is a sore spot with me. Our rehearsals are usually just a run-through of each song. I don't think we spend enough time working on each song to do it the best we can. We did 'I Have Decided' with a bit of a Reggae feel - it was fun!

Jamie - I think you're spot on. I was reading on where they did just 2 songs in 12 minutes this week - and felt it was really impactful. I bet they did them quite skillfully as well. Transitions for us are generally trying to run songs with the same (or relative) keys and similar tempos together and go from one to the next. They're rough. We also struggle with starting songs as our leader wants to start every song on his guitar to set tempo because he doesn't trust the rest of us, especially (and correctly) our main drummer.

Thanks again y'all - I'll check out your posts today and give comments. I'm going to love this process!

Gary Durbin said...

I've been really considering doing "How Can I Keep from Singing" at our church. I've always wondered how that did in a local church.

Miss Mandy said...

I think this carnival will be a great resource for you. Sounds like you're really open to finding the best way to impact your church's worship time.

Steve said...

Gary: It's a fun, uplifting song that really pulls people in. The band loves to play it (me especially, being the guitarist) and the congregation really gets into singing it. I've got charts and can provide links to some YouTube instructional vids if you need.

MCC: Thanks for the encouraging word :)

Anonymous said...

yo! steve-o! i been meaning to ax you -

ever heard of Jason Upton ( or Misty Edwards?

Check out Faith by Jason Upton and Always on His Mind and Relentless by Misty (misty is with

i got jason upton - great river road - for my bday this past june and then bought faith. the one i received is about adoption and the relationship between God and us but Faith is AMAZING worship and has so changed my life in the past couple of months.

amazing stuff!

Steve said...

CA- yes, I've heard of Jason Upton, but only have one song of his. Was preparing to play it at Annette's wedding as a back-up. Haven't heard of Misty Edwards, though. I'll check them both out when I get my laptop back from the shop.